To Live Is Christ

To bring glory, honor, and praise to God by magnifying the truth of the gospel in this generation, testifying to the transforming power of Jesus Christ to lead anyone who will from death to life, walking out our days in a manner pleasing to the Lord in full obedience to His Word with an intimacy with God that trusts Him in all things and in all of life, and to stand before Him at the last hearing, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

We hope to challenge and encourage you to a deeper trust in God, to fearlessness and boldness, to creativity and awareness, to beauty and gladness even in the midst of great suffering. In this world, we will have trouble, but we hope you will take heart in the power of God to heal, to sustain, to empower and give purpose to your lives, but mostly to walk in His presence daily with the aim of hearts and minds filled with the peace that comes only though a genuine and abiding faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Friend, and King.


Sherri Burgess’ life is a beckoning for you to know a Holy God like you have never known Him before.

The wife of Rick Burgess of The Rick and Bubba Show, a nationally syndicated talk radio show, Sherri is someone who now passionately pursues holiness and inspires others. A former news anchor turned writer and blogger, she has in recent years answered God’s call as a women’s ministry speaker. This mother of five enjoys football and staying active with her family in Birmingham, Alabama


Rick Burgess is the co-host of the nationally syndicated Rick and Bubba Show.

The Rick and Bubba Show is heard and seen across the country from the show's home base of Birmingham Alabama. Rick is a highly sought after speaker for all types of events but feels called to challenge men to become who they are called to be through the power of submitting to the authority of Jesus Christ. Rick is the husband of the former Sherri Bodine, the father of 5 children Brandi, Blake, Brooks, Brody and Bronner. Rick's eulogy of his youngest son became the number one viewed Youtube video in the world for one week.

Bronner Burgess Memorial Fund